Dress Code

Northeast Regional Teen Prom Dress Code:

We represent God’s Church and Jesus Christ and should strive to dress in a manner that shows respect to Him and to one another. 


We acknowledge and thank teens and parents that over the years our young people have set a fine example dressing for the prom with very few exceptions. The purpose of this dress code is to assure that all participants (and parents) are knowledgeable of the clothing guidelines so that everyone has a positive and uplifting experience at the prom. 


We ask that all participants read and adhere to the following:

Please be thoughtful and respectful toward the other participants as you select your attire for the evening. Think about the dance moves you will be making and consider how well the clothing you are choosing will behave and will hold up.



A tuxedo or Sabbath wear (dress suit or sports coat with matching slacks) is appropriate. A collared, button-up shirt with a necktie, or bow tie, and dress shoes are required. In keeping with the formal/semi-formal nature of the prom please wear your tie and keep your shirt tucked in for the duration of the dance. Please do not wear a novelty suit or costume.



A long, formal dress or a semi-formal dress is appropriate. Dresses should not be too short, too tight, or too revealing. Dress material should not be see-through. (You may need someone else’s help to determine this.) Please be aware that we keep the room cool for the sake of the young men in jackets. 


Please Take Special Note

The Prom registration form requires each teen to indicate that he/she has read and will adhere to this dress code. If any teen chooses to dress inappropriately, we reserve the right to deny attendance to the dinner and dance. Since the meal and other expenses are paid in advance, the teen will not be given a refund if turned away for inappropriate dress.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Zach or Emily Smith at 330-685-0425 or at zach.smith@cogwa.org.